Goth Style Is Out at Wichita Middle School

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At Wichita's Wilbur Middle School, the so-called Goth look is out.

Principal Cherie Crain says black lipstick, eye shadow, nail polish and hair dye are banned, along with all-black clothing. Also on the list are such accessories as studded metal bracelets and graphic T-shirts advertising heavy metal bands.

Crain says students dressing in the so-called Goth style have become a distraction, and some younger students were intimidated.

In the past, only two or three among Wilbur's 1,000 students dressed Goth. Crain said she let that slide. But when school in the state's largest city started last week, about a dozen kids had adopted the Goth look.

One mother complained about the rule change, saying "They're just standing around doing nothing and looking freaky.''