Rossville Residents Proud Of New Playground

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Rossville, KAN. (WIBW)—Rossville residents finished building their community playground Sunday night. Hundreds of volunteers rolled up their sleeves and participated in some grueling construction this week. From the young to the old, this playground has something for everyone to enjoy.

“My mom has been dreaming about this for a long time, she said our park really stinks and that we need to work on it. Now they're making it a reality and she feels like a kid again,” said volunteer Abigael McCrory.

The McCrory family said this playground is a dream come true.

“It’s pretty cool to see it completed, it’s something to dream about…to be put together like that," volunteer Sarene McCrory tearfully claimed.

Members of the Rossville Park Improvement Group spent nine months raising more than $100 thousand for the project through grants, events and donations. That led to a week of community construction starting Wednesday through Sunday. Volunteers put together every piece of this playground.