Investigation of Possible Mountain Lion Attack Begins

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Kansas Wildlife and Parks is investigating an incident involving a Wabaunsee High School teen, who says he was attacked by what appeared to be a mountain lion while jogging early Saturday morning.

17 year old Wayne Flerlage reports he was jogging two miles east of Alma in Wabaunsee County around 12:30 Saturday morning when a large cat came up behind him and knocked him down.

Flerlage says he pushed the cat away and then kicked it under the chin, chasing it away. Flerlage has scratches and cuts on his arms and chest.

Flerlage's mother, Diane, who works at Wabaunsee High School tells 13 News that Wayne is an avid runner and was out on a workout when he was surprised by the attack. She says her son, who preferred not to be interviewed, thinks the cat was curious and not looking at him as prey.

In the past, the state has contended there are no mountain lions in Kansas, but 13 News has reported several sightings by people who say they spotted a mountain lion at several locations in NE Kansas.