Texas Man in Riley County Jail - Victim's Mother Speaks Out

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A Texas man accused of murdering his wife is in the Riley County jail. And now the victim's mother speaks out.

31 year-old Hidi Easton Gower was killed on the Fourth of July. Her funeral was this morning in Manhattan.

Hidi's family was busy celebrating their daughter's life today.

“Singing, playing pool, all her friends are going to miss all the fun times,” said Candelaria Easton.

A life that ended too soon. Investigators say her husband Donald Gower planned to hire someone to kill his wife, so he could collect on her insurance policy. According to the police report, once the agreement was made Gower took his wife to the Kempner VFW to play in a pool tournament. The hall is located near their home in Copperas Cove, Texas. Around 9:00 p.m. Gower told his wife to go to their truck to get something. When she never came back Gower asked someone to help him find his wife. They found her lying in a pool of blood next to their pick up truck.

Hidi’s mother is convinced of Donald Gower’s guilt.

“One hundred percent...a hundred percent,” said Easton.

The Lampasas County, Texas police requested riley county police move in and arrest Gower Tuesday morning.

Police arrested Gower around 3 o'clock Tuesday morning. Gower was in Manhattan to attend his wife's funeral.

“We went to the hotel, located the subject, Donald Gower, and arrested him on a Texas warrant and charged him with capitol murder,” said Captain Brad Schoen of the Riley County Police Department.

It was a relief for Hidi's mother who is now left with only the memories of her beloved daughter.

“She's a lot of fun. She smiles, she never makes anybody unhappy and she was a strong go-getter. She didn't take things from anybody. If she didn't feel it was right she would fight for it,” said Easton.

Now her family will fight for justice for Hidi.

Gower is being held at the riley county jail on a million dollar bond.
He awaits extradition hearings to send him back to Texas. Then he could join four other men facing charges for Hidi's murder.

The four other men arrested and charged with Capital Murder in connection with the death of Hidi Gower are: Jeremiah John Ellison, Regina Edwards, John Robert Martinez, and Chaka Romain Johnson.