Army Major Charged With Bizarre Plot

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An Army major is behind bars in Minneapolis.

Investigators say 42-year-old Timothy Pentaleri hatched a bizarre plot to kidnap his ex-girlfriend and put the whole plan in writing.

Pentaleri is in the Hennepin County jail, charged with
felony attempted kidnapping and two counts of felony harassment/stalking.

An officer at the Minneapolis airport spotted Pentaleri and thought he looked suspicious because he was wearing a heavy brown coat on a hot summer day.

According to a criminal complaint, Pentaleri was also wearing a wig, fake
mustache and beard.

Police say he told them he was there to surprise some friends but, according to the complaint when he was asked who his friends are, Pentaleri took off the wig, mustache and beard and admitted he wasn't there to see anyone.

Officers found a stun gun, three cans of mace, a folding
pocket knife and an expandable baton on Pentaleri.

He was then ticketed for trespassing and was dropped off at a near by hotel by an officer.

But about four hours later, airport police were looking at security footage and noticed Pentaleri back at the airport, parking his S-U-V in a garage.

When officers looked inside the vehicle, they found a roll of duct tape, a
shovel, rope and flex cuffs along with numerous other items.

They also found a notebook investigators claim mapped out a plan for a trip from Illinois to Minnesota along with a handwritten flow chart outlining a plan to stun his ex-girlfriend, mace her and club her hard.

The ex-girlfriend told investigators she did, in fact, fly into the Minneapolis airport that day but had no idea how Pentaleri might have known her itinerary.

She expressed fear for her safety.

Pentaleri is now locked up and bail has been set at one-million dollars.