Political Action Committee Attacks Treasurer Lynn Jenkins

Citizens Club For Growth is a political action committee and their commercial claims Treasurer Jenkins voted for tax increases when she was a state legislator, but one local political scientist says the group is wasting its money.

Seeing a political ad at this time of year might make it hard to believe we're approaching the summer of a *non-election year. Washburn University political science professor Loran Smith certainly was surprised.

"I thought it was way too early. I don't think people are ready for it, this is summer time. People want to enjoy the summer and they don't want to get involved in politics," Smith said.

Citizens Club For Growth released the $75,000 ad yesterday in Topeka, Kansas City, and Pittsburg, Kansas for two weeks, but Smith says it will probably go unnoticed.

"I don't think a lot of people are paying attention and you know I think they wasted money," Smith said.

Jenkins' campaign manager Pat Leopold released a statement accusing former Congressman Jim Ryun of producing the commercial.

Ryun who's seeking a rematch with Nancy Boyda in 2008 will likely have to get past Jenkins in the Republican primary.

Ryun has already built up a campaign warchest, but producing the commercial is something the Ryun campaign denies, and something Smith says might benefit incumbent Boyda next year.

"It brings up the suggestion that the Republican primary could be rather bloody and you're going to have a bruised candidate running against her," Smith said.

Wednesday afternoon WIBW-TV decided to stop airing the ad because of accuracy issues. Citizens Club For Growth told us they would deliver a new version sometime tomorrow.