Governor Proclaims "Thank A Farmer" Day

TOPEKA, Kansas - As a prelude to the holiday season, Governor Mark Parkinson (D-Kansas) signed a proclamation declaring November 20 "Thank a Farmer" day in Kansas.

"The holiday season is a time to be thankful for all that we have, especially the food that we share with our family, friends and neighbors in need," Parkinson said. "Kansas farmers not only put food on our table, but tables across America and around the globe. As we sit down at Thanksgiving dinner this year, let's remember all that the farmers and ranchers of Kansas do for us, and how thankful we are."

Kansas' Acting Secretary of Agriculture Josh Svaty echoed the governor's message.

"We're incredibly blessed that farmers and ranchers in Kansas and across the nation are able to fulfill our food needs and still have enough to sell to our neighbors around the world," Svaty said.

Kansas is a leader in wheat, grain sorghum and beef production, and the state ranks sixth in farm product exports, which were valued at $5.9 billion in 2008.

However, Svaty pointed out that the benefits of farming and ranching extend beyond an abundant food supply and the contributions to our economy.

"Not only do our farmers and ranchers provide the food we eat, but they help sustain our rural communities and preserve open space and wildlife habitat," Svaty said.