Unedited Video Of Officer Involved Shooting Released

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- From 6th and Buchanan, Jeffrey Nichols said he saw Topeka Police surround 19-year-old Joseph Michael Rodriguez who was armed with a handgun and a knife.

"It was plain as day how obvious the cops said 'put your gun down' repeatedly 6-8 times, 'put your gun down,'" said witness, Jeffrey Nichols.

Saturday afternoon, Police were first sent to SW Tyler where Rodriguez allegedly choked a woman.

Hours later, police came 10 the 1000 block of 5th on a report of attempted carjacking and found a woman who sustained knife wounds to her face.

Topeka Police say Rodriguez actively pointed his gun at bystanders. An eye witness who asked to remain anonymous says at one point Rodriguez's gun was pointed in his direction.

"I was in the line of fire and I just hoped this guy doesn't shoot," he said.

The witness says he heard Rodriguez yell at the police."He pointed his weapon at them and the police yelled 'put your gun down, put your gun down' as he turned 360 degrees in circle several times."

"It got really scary really fast," said Raeley Robledo who lives near 6th and Buchanan.

"There's just 15 cops, from my end of the street to the other, and they got all their guns out," she says.

She says she heard several gun shots.

"Like loud firecrackers, like really near 'cause it's over by the corner over near my house so it was just like 'pop!'" she says.

Nichols and the anonymous eye witness said that police fired shots at Rodriguez after he refused to put his weapon down. They say police fired a shot that put Rodriguez to the ground, but Rodriguez still held his gun towards police.

They said police fired again and Rodriguez still refused to put his gun down. And on the third round of shots,

"I don't believe in my opinion that they were trying to kill him at the first attempt. He pointed his gun until he was unable to point it anymore," says the anonymous witness.

"And as he is laying on his left side, again, and raised his gun and aimed it towards the officers," says Nichols.

Rodriguez was taken to a local hospital and was pronounced dead.

"I thank God that he didn't shoot because there were so many people, this could have had a different outcome. These police were protecting the citizens, plain and simple," says the anonymous witness.

Topeka Police were forced to use deadly force after the 19 year old was involved in several crimes and refused to put down his weapons.

The Shawnee County Sheriff's Office has identified the 19 year old as Joseph Michael Rodriquez, a 19 year old black male from Topeka.

Officers were first called to the 400 block of SW Tyler where a suspect had allegedly choked a female victim and taking a knife and a gun out of the residence.

A few hours later at 11:15 am Topeka Police responded to an attempted carjacking in 1000 block of sw 5th where officers located a female victim that had received a cut to her face from a knife.

Officers said that the suspect fled, but 15 minutes later they located the suspect at SW 6th and Buchanan.

Officers say the suspect was armed with a handgun and was "actively pointed" it at bystanders and police on scene.

Officers continued to ask the suspect to drop the weapon but he refused, forcing officers to shoot.

The 19 year old suspect was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The Shawnee County Sheriff’s Office is handling this investigation, as is routinely the case in investigations involving TPD officers.

The four Topeka Police officers, with combined 58 years of service on the Topeka Police force, involved in the shooting have been placed on paid administrative leave as the investigation continues.