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Adults who host parties and get alcohol for 19 and 20 year olds may not get in any trouble for it. Some are calling it a loophole in the law and want the age changed to 21. It's called the Social Host Law. It passed two years ago, but it only applies to people who host drinking parties for teens 18 and under. Still even if the age is changed to 21, the attorney general says that won't fix the problem.

The stash, for the bash, how teens get their booze is often from adults and parents, "I was always surprised by the number of parties that were hosted by parents or other parental figures," said Paul Morrison the Kansas Attorney General.

Morrison nabbed a number of parents for hosting parties in Johnson County while he was the district attorney there. However, if the drinkers were 19 and 20, he may not have been able to prosecute the adults.

A group of students want to change that law. Seven teens hit the statehouse to encourage lawmakers to vote for a bill that would increase the age to 21, "The laws in Kansas states now that it's considered you're a minor under 21, but the Social Host Law says 18, our goal is to fix that so it's read 21," said Maria Torrez Anderson with Kansas Family Partnership.

"This is a bill that has some promise, and we want to look a stop (getting) alcohol to our children. There needs to be more teeth, more consequences," said Representative Steve Huebert (R) Valley Center.

It's the consequences that may have the bill sitting on ice, "If convicted people would loose their driver's licenses, " said Huebert.

Right now, violators could be hit with a fine or see up to a year behind bars, but Morrison says increasing the age, won't stop the flow of the parties, "I certainly have nothing against that, but I don't really see that as a problem. I think law enforcement in a lot of places is overwhelmed with street crime and don't have the time or resources right now to deal with those parties," he said.

There isn't another date scheduled to hear or work on the bill, but lawmakers expect to look at it further.