592 Ballots Yet To Be Counted In Shawnee Co.

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Fewer people than predicted turned out to vote in the primary, just 27 percent of registered voters in Shawnee County, and nearly 592 Shawnee County ballots have yet to be counted. They're provisional ballots that won't be counted until next week, after questions were raised concerning their legality.

The provisional ballots could influence the outcome of close races, but election officials say that's unlikely.

Just 41 votes put Dr. Shanti Gandhi ahead of fellow Republican Dick Jones in 52nd District House race. Gandhi says he doesn't know how the his race will land after the new votes are counted.

Jones says the race was so close because the candidates had clear messages and conducted clean campaigns. Gandhi said he had one of the best people to run with, pointing out Jones' character.

A 20th District Senate race put moderate incumbent Senator Vicki Schmidt out ahead of Representative Joe Patton by just 159 votes.

Shawnee County Election Commissioner Elizabeth Ensley Deiter says those seem like narrow margins, but she says it's unlikely provisional ballots will change the outcomes, because they usually break out the same way votes do at the precinct.

Ghandi plans to face Democrat Ted Ensley in November.

Officials say of the 592 provisional ballots, 23 ballots were questioned on identification issues, as this was the first election requiring photo IDs at the polls.

Shawnee County Commissioners will meet to count provisional ballots on Monday.