With Maple Hill Bridge Closed, Willard Concerns Continue

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Topeka, KANSAS (WIBW) -- The Maple Hill Bridge is currently under construction, meaning truckers and other drivers are being routed elsewhere. This situation is driving concerns that some oversized trucks are using the Willard Bridge, which is being slowly worn down.

A report last year showed the Willard Bridge could fail and collapse without warning due to its outdated structure. It needs to be replaced, but Shawnee County currently does not have the funds to replace it.

For now, they're just trying to make sure overloaded trucks that would normally cross the Maple Hill Bridge...stay off the Willard Bridge.

Shawnee County Commissioners asked the Shawnee County Sheriff's Office to help the Kansas Highway Patrol control the traffic. Shawnee county is working on preliminary plans to replace the bridge, and would like to use recovery act dollars to do so, if they qualify.

The Maple Hill Bridge will open soon, possibly at the end of the day on July 24.