Haircut Controversy at Labette Co. School

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A southeast Kansas boy is sporting a shaved head. It's not by his choice, but his school's.

Six-year old Derby McReynolds had his hair cut in a "faux-hawk." His parents say Labette County school officials told them it was inappropriate and sent him home, so they changed it to what they called a military cut.

The school still didn't like it and had a staff member who was licensed to cut hair shaved Derby's head. His parents said the action was taken without their permission.

Derby's father, Jesten McReynolds, says they let students have various shapes in their hair the rest of the year that could draw just as much attention. He and other family members said it seems unfair they won't let him wear his hair how he wants. They're also upset the shaving was done without their permissions.

Superintendent Chuck Stockton is supporting the school principal's decision. He says the school district is always trying to balance a student's individual rights of expression with the expectations of the building of each of the teachers of parents of other students.

Stockton says the district sets its expectations based on the community's idea of the norm.