Stubbs Requests Recount in Topeka City Council Race

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The outcome of Topeka's 7th City Council District election remains a bit up in the air.

The Shawnee County vote canvass Friday morning shows Robert Archer the winner over Lisa Stubbs, but his margin narrowed from five votes to three.

Stubbs says she'll request a hand recount. She says there's only a slim chance the outcome will be reversed, but wants to ensure voters the count is accurate.

Stubbs says the results send a message that every vote counts.

Archer says the process was nerveracking, but he's grateful for all the support he received. He credited Stubbs for running a hard-fought, first-class campaign.

Both Archer and Stubbs say the city must now move forward.

Elections Commissioner Elizabeth Ensley says the recount will take place Monday. Stubbs will pay the cost. If the outcome is reversed, she'll be refunded.

Outcomes in other Shawnee County races remained unchanged, including Willard, where a sales tax question was approved by a vote of 8-7.