Best Pie in America

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DOVER, Kan. - If you are looking for the best pie in America, you don't have to go far. It is Norma Grubb's coconut cream pie, made in Dover, Kansas. Grubb's pie won Good Morning America Weekend's Best Slice Challenge, Sunday, and it has taken the small town of Dover by storm.

"It's pretty exciting," Grubb said. "It's been kind of wild the last two weeks around here."

Grubb's pies have been a long time local favorite.

"Everybody has always liked Norma's pies, always," Sommerset Hall Cafe Manager, Connie Miller, said. "She's just not the pie baker here at this store. She's the community pie baker."

Now, her winning slices are the talk of the nation.

" This little town is not used to this much celebrity." Miller said.

Pie lovers from Maine to California have called Sommerset Hall Cafe trying to order the pies. Though the cafe has had many requests, the pies are too delicate to be shipped.

"If it tipped at all it would be in a pile in the corner of the pan." Miller said.

Norma claims her pies are easy to make.

"There's no specialties to it, it's just pie," Grubb said. "Just pie that I started making when I was a teenager."

Her fans say Grubb herself is what makes the difference.

"Norma makes everything from scratch and she watches them very closely in the oven," Miller said. "They don't get over cooked or overdone and everything is made just so. It's just Norma's special touch."

The pies are now so popular that it is not possible to buy a whole pie or make an order until after the holidays.