Lightning Blows Hole In Colorado Springs House

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) - Sunday evening's storms brought more than just heavy rain and hail to southern Colorado; it also brought lightning that blew a hole in the side of a house on Cather Circle, near Astrozon and South Academy in Colorado Springs.

The father and daughter that were home at the time were not hurt, but the house took a direct hit.

There wasn't any visible fire, but the father called 911 just to be safe.

That's exactly what Colorado Springs firefighters say you should do whenever you think your home has been hit by lighting.

Even if you don't see smoke or flames, lightning fires are notorious for smoldering in attics and walls for days before flaring up.

Fire officials say the only damage to the home on Cather Circle was a hole in the siding and some damage to an electrical wire.