Hot temperatures causing more tire blowouts

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WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) - Hot temperatures have an effect on tires that can cause them to blow out.

AAA is seeing an increase in tire calls during the summer heat. Usually of the 24,000 calls they receive, nearly 3,000 of them are tire related.

"Anytime we start seeing these extreme heats, we start to see an increase in our tire calls," Bryan Page of AAA said.

Page suggests that all drivers inspect their tires' air pressure when the outside temperature gets hot, citing that for every 10 degree change in temperature, it can raise or lower the tire pressure one pound of pressure.

Spotting a tire that is about to blow out can be done with a visual inspections in some cases.

Dry rot can indicate a tire is starting to go bad. Noting the texture on the side of the tire looks like it has hundreds of pin holes in it or cracks in it is a sign of dry rot.

Look for cracks between the treads of the tires can indicate the tire is getting ready to separate and fail.

Kennedy Tire in Wichita says they have seen more than 20 tires that have blown out this summer. Cheryl Guthrie of Kennedy Tire says they perform free inspections.

Guthrie says to use the recommended tire pressure based on the car's manual, not what the tires say on the sidewalls. Most cars have a sticker that say the recommended tire pressure, located on the side of the driver's door or along the pillar that separates the driver's door from the rear of the vehicle.