Sebelius: Kansas 'Saudi Arabia of Wind'

LINCOLN, Kan. (AP) _ Governor Kathleen Sebelius says Kansas is the "Saudi Arabia of wind.'' And the governor said the state can be proud of leading a ``Made in America'' energy policy that uses homegrown natural resources.

Speaking at the dedication of The Smoky Hills Wind Project near Lincoln Thursday, Sebelius said wind energy is not only terrific for the economy, but "it's terrific for our security and it's good for our planet.''

Sebelius said that as recently as three years ago, less than 1 percent of energy generated in Kansas came from wind power. Now, she says, the state stands to reach a goal of generating 10 percent of the state

The governor said Kansas will be the seventh state in the nation to reach the 1,000-watt threshold without a mandate from the Legislature.

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