3 Topeka Seniors Turned Away Over Voter ID Confusion

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Three Shawnee Co. senior citizens said they were turned away during Tuesday's primary elections because a voting official misunderstood voter ID laws.

"It seemed like there was some miscommunication on the first go around that paper copies would even work, and they were told no they wouldn't," said Brewster Health Center administrator Leanna Chaffee.

"So we had to be very persistent in trying to get those folks to even be able to vote and the election office has been extremely responsive."

Shawnee Co. Elections Commissioner Andrew Howell confirmed three residents of Brewster Place were not allowed to vote and were not given the option to fill out a provisional ballot.

The trio presented paper copies of their ID's

Howell said the misunderstanding was cleared up and all three were given the opportunity to return to vote -- two of them declined.

"We just had one poll worker who didn't follow instructions, said Shawnee Co. Elections Commissioner Andrew Howell. "One of the first things that we teach people is always give a ballot to every voter and if necessary it could be a provisional ballot.
We can sort those issues before canvas.

Brewster Place officials said Howell personally apologized to them this morning.