Prison Volunteer Pleads Guilty to Helping Killer Escape

A 48-year-old woman pleads guilty to smuggling a convicted killer out of a Leavenworth County prison inside a dog crate.
Under an agreement with prosecutors, Toby Young pleaded guilty
today to two charges, aiding and abetting aggravated escape, and introducing contraband, a cell phone, into the prison.
Young ran a program at the Lansing prison helping inmates train
homeless dogs for adoption. She drove away February Twelfth with
27-year-old inmate John Manard hidden in a dog crate inside her van.
Manard and Young were captured in Tennessee 12 days after the
escape. They'd been staying at a remote cabin northeast of Chattanooga.
Prosecutor Frank Kohl says the agreement calls for Young to receive a sentence of 21 months in prison. The sentencing is set for July Twelfth.
Young's guilty pleas came one day before she was scheduled for a
preliminary hearing.