Two More Plead Guilty in Case of Unrecognized Tribe

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WICHITA, Kan. (AP) _ The so-called secretary of state for a Kansas group that claims to be an American Indian tribe pleaded guilty to harboring illegal immigrants.

Prosecutors contend the Kaweah Indian Nation is a fake tribe that defrauded immigrants by falsely claiming tribal membership conferred U.S. citizenship.

In her guilty plea Tuesday, Debra Flynn admitted to working with Hispanic pastors across the U.S. to sell tribal memberships to church members who were illegally in the country. Flynn also told the court that she had served as the tribe's primary administrator.

Also Tuesday, Kaweah employee Britton Bergman pleaded guilty to harboring of illegal aliens.

Trial begins next week for the Kaweah Indian Nation; Malcolm Webber, also known as Grand Chief Thunderbird IV; and one other remaining defendant.

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