Sole Survivor

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Danni says she's a Kansas girl and Kansas is where she'll stay, but that's not to say winning "Survivor" hasn't changed a few things.

"It was the greatest experience ever, except it was also the toughest," said Danni Boatwright.

Danni Boatwright says her million-dollar run through the Guatemalan jungle hasn't changed the way she lives. She says she'll keep the same car and same house, but "normal" life these days means signing autographs and a whirlwind of media invitations, like a visit to 13 News.

It's her attitude toward what matters most that's changed the most.

"Even in the jungle, I thought I need to spend more time with my nieces and nephews and my family. It's things you take for granted when you're busy at home," said Boatwright.

Along with renewed appreciation for the friends she had, Danni also came home with new friends, like fellow contestant Brandon Bellinger of Manhattan.

Danni plans to return to her sports talk radio show in Kansas City in February.