Three Women Quit Gym over Fetus Tree

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Three women turned off by a pregnancy counseling service Christmas tree have canceled their memberships at a women-only gym in Lawrence.

They quit Body Boutique last week after noticing that the tree in the lobby of the gym was decorated with plastic figures meant to represent fetuses.

Gym co-owner Lorinda Hartzler said the tree was placed by Birthright of Lawrence, a local nonprofit that offers pregnancy counseling. Hartzler said the tree was intended to support women
and their children through the holidays and was not meant to offend

Blue and pink stockings on the tree were stuffed with a plastic figure labeled "between eleven and 12 weeks old.'' It also contained coupons for a video called "After the Choice'' and another tape showing an abortion procedure.

The women who dropped their memberships saw an anti-abortion
message in the tree, while other members voiced support for it and applauded the gym for taking a stand on an issue.