Soldiers Arrested in Farmer Beating

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Two soldiers from Fort Riley are accused of beating a man and woman while trying to steal pigs at a South Dakota farm.

Yankton County Sheriff Dave Hunhoff said Kyle Dennis, 23, and Luke Hoffman, 21, were arrested in Kansas Monday night and are due in a hearing Wednesday. The two had been to Iraq and are scheduled to return to Iraq with the brigade later this year.

Rodney Mikkelson and Darlene Kruger -- both 54 years old-- were
beaten September Tenth when they caught two men trying to steal hogs from Mikkelson's farm.

Both were treated for injuries that included a broken arm, skull fractures, cuts, broken facial bones and bruised eyes.

Dennis and Hoffman face charges of theft, burglary and assault.

A Fort Riley spokeswoman said both soldiers were part of Company-B of the 101st Forward Support Battalion of the First Brigade, First Infantry Division.