Kansas SRS Helps in Hurricane Victim's Relocation

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SRS is providing cash assistance, food stamps, medical care and child care to hurricane refugees who have fled to Kansas looking for a new life.

Angelique-Olivia Garner came to Topeka last night, “I’m blessed that people are actually opening their arms and accepting us, because it's hard to start over."

After being turned away from shelters and running out of hotel money, she and her six-year old daughter found themselves driving to Kansas to stay with family, “We have nothing to really go back to, I think we're going to start a new life here in Kansas."

Garner came with her daughter and three changes of clothes," This time you know it was the real deal, and we have no social security cards, insurance cards, birth certificates, shot records, no important papers."

Candy Shively, Deputy Secretary of SRS says that's why SRS in Kansas is accepting hurricane refugees without hassle, “We really do see these as victims and so we want to work deliberately and put services in place and then get the paperwork in order in due time."

SRS is expecting hundreds of families to relocate to Kansas, and they've already seen a number today.

Garner says she feels like she can get on her feet, “We’re beginning to have a stable and family life now."

To find out more about the services provided by the SRS for hurricane victims relocating to Kansas, go to their website at www.srskansas.org..