State Agency ‘Green Teams’ Focus on Recycling and Waste Reduction

In response to an executive directive issued by Governor Kathleen Sebelius early in 2007, all 101 state agencies and their satellite offices around Kansas are now recycling. Every state office now has a registered profile page on the Kansas Green Team website. In all, there are 138 registered locations.

“Kansas is leading the way in protecting our natural resources and being good stewards of our environment,” said Governor Sebelius. “I’m proud of our Kansas Green Teams who have turned a simple idea into an extraordinary accomplishment.”

Some state offices are taking their Green Teams a step further and implementing other ‘green’ practices besides recycling. For example, the Landon State Office Building now uses only green cleaning products, and the Hutchinson Correction Facility is making discarded denim and linens into quilts that are donated to the Salvation Army. Other agencies are vowing to purchase more recycled-content products.

The next step for state agencies will be to begin formally tracking the results of recycling and waste reduction efforts. An electronic form will be available on the Kansas Green Team website by early Spring 2008 for reporting yearly recycling amounts. For now, state offices are being encouraged to track estimates for materials being recycled.

In addition, some agencies are using their profile and other materials available from the website to provide educational recycling information to their staff.

More information about state agency recycling efforts can be found at the Green Team website at