Racial Hate Crime?

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A Kansas City black man shot to death earlier this month was the victim of a racist crime. Jackson County prosecutors say a white teenager who bragged about the killing was charged yesterday with first-degree murder and armed criminal action.

The victim two weeks ago was William McCay, 44. The defendant is Gary Eye, 18.

Investigators say McCay had just gotten off a bus at 6:20 a.m. near where he worked when someone got out of a car and confronted him. They think the assailant shot McCay once in the chest, then jumped back into the car. One witness said the car then chased McCay as he ran down the sidewalk, until he collapsed.

Eye's home, on the northeast side of the city is about 15 blocks from the shooting scene. Witnesses said the teen bragged to a friend, using racial slurs, that he was not going to allow a black man to walk in his neighborhood.