Wildcats fans celebrate before AutoZone Liberty Bowl

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WIBW) - Kansas State fans have shown out in Memphis. The turnout - simply impressive. Wildcat fans believe this all proves a big point.

Wildcats fans gathered on the streets of Memphis at a pep rally before Kansas State kicks off in the AutoZone Liberty Bowl.

"It's huge." Anthony Wunder, a K-State fan, said. "We lose Bill Snyder, arguably the greatest coach in college football history, and we turn around and hire a new coach. And we don't just love coaches, we love the whole entire program and everything that the program stands for."

And that's showing up no matter where the Wildcats go. Purple heavily populate Beale Street for parades and pep rallies. No one seems to be chained to old feelings about coming here instead of the Alamo or Camping World Bowls.

"Even though it's not what most fans wanted, we're still showing up." Nick Freisen, a K-State fan, said. "We're still supporting the team. I think that looks good for future bowl references."

Kansas State kicks off against Navy December 31st at 2:45 pm on ESPN.