Welcome to Miami, Chiefs Kingdom

MIAMI, Florida (WIBW) - It's a trip 50 years in the making. The road map to this moment has been improbable to say the least. Kansas City has trailed in every playoff game this year.

Arrowhead Stadium erupted with fireworks after the Chiefs won the AFC Conference Championship.

The most dramatic of course was against the Texans. Down 24 points, it took a herculean effort from Patrick Mahomes and some lucky breaks for KC to crawl back. Eventually they pulled off what tied the fourth largest deficit overcome in NFL playoff football history. Then in the AFC Championship, once again the Chiefs didn't hold a lead until late in the first half. Of course, Kansas City roared back and are here in the Super Bowl, but they'd ideally like to not put themselves in such a hole..

"It's hard on the heart.” Head Coach Andy Reid said. “You don't want too many of those. So, I'm working on that. That's not the position we want to be in. but if we're there, we know how to take care of it and work through it. I've got good guys that stick together. Good locker room. Good coaches. They'll stick together and fix those problems if they arise. But, that's not our objective. We're not giving points away. That's not what we're trying to do."

Good news, the Chiefs have been really clutch when down. They're outscoring teams by 23 points in the second half in the playoffs.

Bad news, the 49ers are going to be a whale of a team to come back on if the Chiefs get in a hole. They can score equally on par with KC. The Niners were second in the league in points per game this year. However, if you're looking for a weakness, it might be under center. San Francisco won the NFC Conference Championship where 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garopolo threw only 8 passes. So, KC feels you stop the run, you stop the Niners.

"He does have a hard time throwing in tight coverage. Most quarterbacks do.” Chiefs safety Tyrann Mathieu said. “So, ultimately that will be the goal for us to disrupt these guys at the line of scrimmage, play tight coverage and then try to make a play on the ball."
"As a defense, we got to commit to stopping the run.” Chiefs defensive end Chris Jones said. “We commit as a defense to stopping the run, we force them to pass, I feel like we have a very good chance of winning."”

Kansas City did just hold Derrick Henry to 69 yards, so they have shown an ability to stop a good run game.