Washburn's D.J. Olmstead has had an instant impact at WU

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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -- Washburn's strong defense has been a big part of the team's 5-1 start to the season, and the man leading the Ichabod defense is senior free safety D.J. Olmstead.

Olmstead, the transfer from Idaho, has had a stellar start to his time in division two football. He leads the MIAA with five interceptions.

"He's a very smart football player and very athletic and he's putting it all on the table for us," said Washburn football coach Craig Schurig. "He's made our secondary, he's kind of the missing piece so to speak and he's really helped them gel together."

Before playing at Idaho the Scottsdale, Arizona native spent his first two seasons at Scottsdale Community College, and he's made an immediate impression at his final landing spot at Washburn.

"I hoped to but it's always humbling to be able to see myself do those types of things. You always want to come in and make an impact and play and be the best player you can," said Olmstead. "I'm fortunate to be able to make the impact I have since I've been here."

"He's just an unbelievable player and he works as hard as anybody. At practice he's always making plays," said sophomore quarterback Blake Peterson.

Not only does Olmstead force turnovers but the ballhawk safety has taken two picks back for touchdowns this year as well.

"That's a confident player and we've had guys like that before they aren't just satisfied with defending. They are satisfied with a pick and they aren't satisfied then they want to take it back and that's his mindset," said Schurig. "He feels like the ball is his and he feels like he's going to score with it and our guys encourage it. They work on that stuff every week and they blocked well for him but he's not satisfied with just a pick."

Olmstead's two pick sixes are the first touchdowns he's scored in his career so finding the endzone has always just been an idea.

"I always daydreamed about what it would feel like. Just these past couple of weeks it happened and it is just so simple to me, just the play was over and it felt like it didn't even happen. You know it was like it had happened 100 times already," said Olmstead. "In my head it just felt so simple when it actually happened."

Olmstead and the Ichabods get a chance to show how good they are this weekend against the 8th ranked Fort Hays State Tigers.