WATCH THIS: Eagle lands on Notre Dame fan's arm before Cotton Bowl

FT. WORTH, Tex. (WIBW) -- A Notre Dame fan lived out the dream of every Auburn fan who's ever screamed "war damn eagle" when an eagle flying around AT&T Stadium roosted on his arm during the national anthem ahead of the Cotton Bowl.

The panic in this clip is palpable, but everything turned out OK. Take a look:

He even got a good photo op out of the deal.

To be frank, the eagle looks more concerned than the fan does with the situation.

Notre Dame came into the game against Clemson as a 12-point underdog in Saturday's first College Football Playoff semifinal. However, Notre Dame has made a habit of defying the odds so far this season, so they're likely using the underdog status as fuel. Regardless of the final score, it was an unforgettable afternoon for at least one Notre Dame supporter.