Twitter suspends Mizzou's account on Signing Day | Here's why

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COLUMBIA, Mo. (WIBW) — On a day when the University of Missouri Football knew Tigers fans would be closely watching its Twitter feed to get a first look at their future stars, their social media team got an unpleasant surprise.

It's Signing Day and Twitter suspends its Missouri Football account (@MizzouFootball).

The Kansas City Star reports the suspension didn't last long - even though it probably seemed like forever for the team, which was planning a whole day of tweets about incoming players. The school's Assistant Director of Strategic Communications for Mizzou's football and baseball teams said the shut down was caused by copyrights.

"Twitter dinged us and probably every other football account for using copyrighted songs. Been using them for years, but they just started making claims in the last week," Davis explained on Twitter in response to PowerMizzou's Gave DeArmond.

According to the KC Star, Mizzou wasn't alone either. It reports Texas, South Florida, and Georgia got dinged too.