Topeka woman surprised with personal message from Royals' Salvador Perez

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - When Savannah Buckley noticed her Aunt Gayla, a lifelong, die-hard Royals fan, feeling a bit down in the dumps during the stay-at-home order, a tweet by the team asking for requests caught her eye.

“Let’s spread some positivity,” the tweet read. “Reply with a request for a friend or family member that could use a boost and we’ll try to make it happen.”

"I immediately thought of my Aunt,” Buckley said. “She was having a tough time.”

Health issues keep Aunt Gayla mostly at home.

"I have a lot of friends and family that visit me and support me and keep me going, and it has been depressing and really super difficult to be by myself so much,” Aunt Gayla said.

The Royals responded by tweeting a personal message from Salvy to Aunt Gayla. By Friday afternoon, it had garnered nearly 10,000 views.

"I never expected to hear back,” Savannah laughed.

In the video, the standout catcher personally addresses Gayla, who lives in Topeka.

"Hi Aunt Gayla, we miss baseball and fans like you,” Salvy said. “Stay safe, and go Royals! Salvy here.”

"I felt alive for the first time in quite a while,” Gayla said. “It's like someone had thrown an energy bolt at me or something."

A week after Savannah tweeted back to the Royals, she woke up to a message at 1:30 a.m., and texted her Aunt Gayla she was coming over.

"I was like, are you kidding? I can't believe it, he just said my name!" Gayla said.

"I'm very thankful for Savly first of all, and the whole Royals organization for doing stuff like this right at the time of this crisis,” Savannah said. “Seeing that her light up when she saw that video was worth it."

"He's just an amazing person, and the fact that he would take a second to do that just to try to make my day better, I was amazed by that. Amazed,” Gayla said.