The Last Finish Line

Taysean Goodwin shouldn't be in Emporia right now.
"Sorry, I'm trying to hold back tears." Taysean Goodwin said.
The All-American runner was preparing for the D-II Outdoor Track and Field championships...
"I was excited to go compete with the best." Goodwin said.
But, that opportunity was taken away.
"I was really excited." Goodwin said. "I was ready. I was prepared. No, I couldn't get it. So it really hurt."

All-American track star Taysean Goodwin's final race was cut short by the coronavirus concerns canceling the D-II Outdoor Track and Field Championship.

On Wednesday, Taysean knew something was wrong.
"I told everybody this, but had a bad feeling about something and didn't know what it was going to be." Goodwin said. "But, I knew it just didn't sit right with me."
First the NBA season was canceled. Then, reality came calling.
"Coach Steven Blocker had called me." Goodwin said. "I picked up the phone there wasn't going to be good news, so I was expecting bad news, but right when I picked up the phone and he said he had bad news and he kind of slowly told me that the meeting was canceled."

Growing concern surrounding the coronavirus outbreak has caused a mass cancelation of sporting events. Taysean, a senior athlete, wouldn't cross his last finish line.
"It was just thrown out the window. You know?" Goodwin said. "I haven't completely proved myself that I could do everything that I wanted, you know? And that's what's really hurting right now."

And it wasn't until he landed back in Emporia that it all came to a crashing conclusion. The nightmare was real.
"I was just hoping this was just a bad dream this whole time." Goodwin said. "But yeah, it's hitting me now and having cried too now. I haven't felt like this til now cause I kinda tried to suppress it."

With this loss staring him in the face, Taysean can only look forward.
"I feel like everything happened for a reason." Goodwin said. "No, God doesn't make mistakes. So this might've been a blessing in disguise. But yeah, I'm not thinking too much to her right now."

The track has brought him more wins than this loss.
"Gained a lot of family, a lot of friends." Goodwin said. "I don't even call them friends. I call them family. So let's just stay with family."

And memories to last a lifetime.
"Every last bit of this, every last bit." Goodwin said. "I didn't take anything for granted. I lived in the moment and I enjoy every moment."