Silver Lake coach Alan Cunningham retires

Silver Lake, KAN. (WIBW) - Championship moments have been routine during Coach Alan Cunningham's time at Silver Lake

"I've got a lot of pride in what we've done." Alan Cunningham said.

After a career that spans over 3 decades.

"When I look back on it, I'm just very honored to have coached the players that I did." Alan Cunningham said.

This Eagle that has soared above the rest is coming in for a final landing.

"I will miss the tingling that you get when you go, 'Oh yeah, this is the moment in the game." Alan Cunningham said.

Coach Cunningham posted on the team's Facebook page

"I did send it to my daughters for them to edit before I posted it."Alan Cunningham said.

Announcing he will retire.

"I'm going to miss is the, just the relationships of all the adults in my working life." Alan Cunningham said. "Those are very fond memories."

The Silver Lake native knew going into this year it would be his last. However, the COVID-19 pandemic ended his tenure a little early.

"It hurts and stings right now for me to not be able to get to see the dynamics on this team." Alan Cunningham said. "The two or three weeks in a preseason practice that we did get to have it looked like we were going to be fairly competitive."

He feels even more pain for the kids who won't step into the batters box one last time.

"This is my 30th year of coaching and I've seen a lot of high school seasons." Alan Cunningham said. "I just feel for those kids that 25% of their high school career just in the spring has gone."

The ole ball coach has some last words of wisdom for the athlete's kept from the game.

"I'd say don't give up hope." Alan Cunningham said. "You get to this point by having a good attitude and striving to do well in things and please don't lose that just because of some weird virus that nobody can really explain and rationalize. Just keep plugging away."

Despite the odd finale, Coach Cunningham is ready to hang up the ball cap, grateful for the years spent representing the Eagle community on the diamond.

"To do it in your hometown with people and families you've grown up with," Alan Cunningham said. "Coaching sons of players that you coached earlier, those are the fun times. That's what I find was gratifying."