Self leaving NBA decisions to players, says he's not leaving Kansas

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LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) - As Kansas basketball celebrated what was a tumultuous year with an end-of-the-year banquet on Tuesday night, Bill Self faced some uncertainty as his team moves forward.

The Jayhawks have three players who have declared for the NBA Draft: Dedric Lawson, Quentin Grimes and Devon Dotson. All of them still have the option of coming back to KU, even if they sign with agents.

And while the Kansas head coach is adamant his program will be fine with recruiting to possibly fill those voids, he said he will be trying to stay out of those three's NBA decisions.

"Some of you may think the most important recruiting we can do is right here on campus," Self said. "But I'm not going to do it. If it's best for them to go try, then go try. That will determine if they come back or not.

"I know that I have strong feelings on what I think would be smart. They can investigate themselves to determine what they think is smart. I think that we're going to be just fine."

Dotson, who Self said has a chance to become one of the best guards to ever come through Kansas, said he doesn't see a downside to testing the professional waters while having the option to return to school.

"It's a win-win scenario," Dotson said. "I feel like you can't lose from this situation that I put myself in. So yeah, I feel like there's no negatives to the process."

The point guard said he will be working out in Chicago to prepare for the NBA Draft. Quentin Grimes was not made available to speak to the media following Tuesday night's banquet.

As for Lawson, he sounds like he knows what he wants to prove to NBA scouts.

"Going into those workouts more in shape," Lawson said. "Just to show guys that I've been working the last eight to nine weeks. The NBA three is also something big in going to the next level, so also improving that strength."

There had also been rumors that Self might jump to the pros or just leave KU in general with the program's current NCAA situation. He adamantly denied those, saying he is staying at Kansas. You can watch his full response below.