Report: Kansas State allegedly withheld bowl rings from former players

FILE - In this Sept. 8, 2018, file photo, Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder watches during the second half of an NCAA college football game against Mississippi State in Manhattan, Kan. Kansas State takes on TCU on Saturday. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel, File)
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MANHATTAN, Kan. (WIBW) -- Multiple former Kansas State football players have said they never received promised bowl rings from postseason games after transferring out of the program.

According to a report from GoPowercat's Ryan Wallace, the K-State football program has regularly withheld bowl rings earned by players who left the program following the end of the semester.

When GoPowercat reached out to the university for an official response, the outlet was told it was a "coach issue," and was directed to head coach Bill Snyder.

According to Snyder, his policy on who receives a ring after leaving the program is based on graduation. Snyder also added he is, in fact, in charge of handling the process.

In Tuesday's weekly football press conference, Snyder was asked again about the allegations and a new one claiming the school withheld a scholarship check from a player.

Snyder responded, saying, "Anything that we have done, in my estimation, has been fair. Those certain things that we do that are relative to discipline, not doing things that you're supposed to do, not taking care of your business, a variety of different things--whether it happens to be personal behavior or not taking care of your financial obligations to the university or anywhere else--there are consequences. We do have consequences for things that are inappropriate in regards to behavior."

The report outlines testimony from both scholarship players and walk-ons, including some who left after the Wildcats' Cactus Bowl win over UCLA and the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl win over Michigan.

Former KSU quarterback Daniel Sams was one of those players.

Sams transferred to McNeese State, but returned to Kansas City for a one-year internship. He said he spoke with other players who were still waiting to get their rings.

Sams told GoPowercat, "The guys told me they were still waiting for them, so I never thought to even ask (or) beg for something that's mine. I finally just said (forget) it."

Other players chose to speak to GoPowercat anonymously, but allege similar treatment.

The report states a select few did leave with a ring in hand, but the list who did not receive a ring is much longer--which is where Snyder's statement would not be consistent if the allegations prove true.

In the report, GoPowercat spoke with multiple former Wildcats who transferred and did receive a ring, including some who left early for the NFL. The outlet says those players who turned pro all have bowl rings, despite only one of those players actually graduating from K-State.

In an anonymous statement, one former Wildcat told GoPowercat that who receives a ring and who does not is based on "personal preference." The same player also said "It's mainly Sean (Snyder) that decides that really," and also added "A lot of things go on without the head man knowing and is handled by Sean."