Patriots "disinvite" fan who threw beer in Tyreek Hill's face

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BOSTON, Mass. (WIBW) -- The Kansas City Chiefs may not have come out New England with a 'W,' but that didn't stop wide receiver Tyreek Hill from putting on a show.

The 3rd year receiver posted 142 yards in just seven catches - and three of those ended up in the end zone. Patriot fans though weren't enjoying the show.

On his final trip to the house, Hill was greeted with a whole hands worth of middle fingers -- and one unwelcome shower. One of the fans in the front row threw his beer right into the Hill's face. The clip of his little tantrum bounced across the interwebs Sunday and earned the scorn of many a-pundit.

The Patriots responded Monday morning, tweeting that they have turned the matter over to local law enforcement. They also said the team sent the fan a "letter of disinvite" for any future event at Gillette Stadium.

After the game, Hill was asked about the incident and said he "wasn't mad at all."

"My coach [Andy Reid] told me, 'Don't get emotional. Don't get mad about it because it comes with the territory,'" Hill said, via