NCAA Division II drops game numbers for upcoming academic year

(WIBW) - You'll see fewer games on the schedules for Washburn and Emporia State sports this coming school year.

The NCAA Division II President's Council announced adjustments Tuesday to the maximum number of contests allowed for all sports in the upcoming school year.

They say it's a response to help schools manage economic fallout from the COVI-19 pandemic.

With decisions still looming on the fall sports season, football will allow 10 games instead of 11, while volleyball drops six matches, to no more than 20.

Among other sports, basketball goes from a maximum 26 games to 22. In addition, conference challenge and tip-off classic events will count toward the total this year, rather than being exempt.

Softball drops 12 games, to 44, while baseball loses 10, allowing only 40 games instead of 50.

You can find the full list of proposed minimums and maximums by clicking here.

The current minimums and maximums are on page 291 of the document you'll find by clicking here.

The President's Council released a statement, saying:

"NCAA Division II conferences and institutions have acknowledged through survey feedback on contests reductions that COVID-19 has presented us with financial challenges that we are proactively addressing together. In that spirit, and as a result of the governance structure’s decision to reduce contest maximums, thus affecting current schedules, we strongly encourage all member institutions and conferences to work cooperatively and collegially when adjusting schedules. Please keep in mind the purpose behind these actions is to assist all institutions with short-term financial concerns so that we may emerge stronger as a membership and division."

The changes are only for one year.

The scheduling committee for the MIAA, where Emporia and Washburn compete, plans to meet and adopt schedule adjustments by mid-June.