Local couple gets married at Arrowhead tailgate

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (WIBW) - Some couples dream of lavish weddings filled with breathtaking scenery and extravagant luxury. Others want something quiet and serene, nothing too over-the-top. Maybe most importantly, many want to be around their loved ones.

Kim and Mike Locke didn't opt for the first two, really. They definitely wanted their loved ones. But they also wanted the presence of someone else: the Kansas City Chiefs.

"Which better place to be, where would you want to be," Mike Locke asked outside of Arrowhead Stadium. "I mean they're in a kingdom."

He wed his queen outside of Arrowhead before the Chiefs lost to the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football. The couple typically tailgates for most games, but upgraded to a VIP tent for the occasion and brought everyone they love for the party.

They came up with the idea a year ago at a separate place where Mike said they had their first date.

"I kept looking at the screen and the Chiefs were actually playing," Mike said. "I said, 'Well we could probably go there.' And she said 'Well actually, I called.' She was all aboard."

Even after they told their loved ones about the idea.

"It was like, are y'all crazy," Mike said.

"We know that they're really big Chiefs fans," Kim's daughter Val said. "But we were like, how are you getting married in a tailgating tent?"

That's pretty simple. They married football and formality by wearing Chiefs gear with some traditional marital attire, as the groom and his groomsmen wore jerseys while the bride and bridesmaids mixed dresses with Chiefs logos. There were cornhole boards, kegs and Chiefs cookies.

"Everybody wanted to know what they should wear," Kim, a Silver Lake native, said. "And the minute I said what Mike was wearing, a Chiefs jersey and Chiefs hat, everybody was like, 'Okay!'"

"It's kind of more relaxed," Mike's son Shawn said. "You're repping your team, dressed in the Chiefs attire, not having to worry about suits and all that."

"It was nice to feel like we didn't have to be all done up all day," Val said.

And that relaxed, enjoyable approach fit this couple on its special day.

"We love the Chiefs," Mike said. "We're here an hour, hour and a half early."

"Three hours," Kim corrected.

"They were just kind of like, these are the people we love," Val said. "Chiefs football is what we love, so that's what we're doing."