Football On Standby

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - It's all changed quickly.

The Coronavirus concerns haven't taken games away from Kansas State defensive end Wyatt Hubert. However, the practices lost will have an impact on the upcoming season.

"Yeah, it definitely is a big surprise." Kansas State defensive end Wyatt Hubert said. "You know, I think we could all say that this wasn't anything that we expected to happen."

Wyatt Hubert went from preparing for the next season.

"We were supposed to start practice on Wednesday and get rolling from there." Hubert said.

To now having to find somewhere else to workout.

"I don't think we realized, you know, how much it was going to spread. How much it was gonna affect us." Hubert said.

Even out of season sports - like football - are being put on hold in the wake of the widespread Coronavirus concerns.

" I don't think me or anyone else can imagine something like this happening." Hubert said. "Definitely have to play it safe"

"When did you learn about how things are going to change?" Mitchel Summers said.

"Things started to get canceled slowly." Hubert said. "The Big 12 tournament, NCAA tournament, professional sports teams. I just had a, had a weird feeling that things at the collegiate level were going to get canceled. And just like that, we got spring ball canceled."

The start of the football season is still several months down the line, but collegiate athletics are a 24/7 grind.

"It's definitely going to be kind of a big hit for us." Hubert said. "Just because it's such an important time to develop the younger kids. And even the older kids too."

Now would be the time to solely focus on getting better. There's no concern about bowl games and trophies. But, this time being interrupted will affect the pursuit of those goals.

"Not having spring ball in the spring is definitely going to affect us in more of a negative way." Hubert said. "Not just us but any other collegiate athlete. It's definitely a big hit. It's definitely gonna hurt us a little bit, just how it's going to hurt anyone else."

As it stands, no college football games have been canceled. But, even this small run in with losing the game has changed Wyatt's perspective.

"The one thing I think this is the biggest blessing is when something gets in your way and take something away from you that you love doing," Hubert said. "I think that's a big learning curve because it just helps you realize how blessed and fortunate you are to do that thing every single day."