Chiefs ready for return of Tyreek Hill

Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill in action during the second half of an NFL football game against the Los Angeles Rams, Monday, Nov. 19, 2018, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Kelvin Kuo)

ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (WIBW) - As Chiefs rookies and quarterbacks reported to training camp on Tuesday, head coach Andy Reid didn't waste any time addressing the biggest story of the team's offseason.

"Let’s talk about Tyreek (Hill), I know that’s a hot topic," Reid said.

The Pro Bowl wide receiver is expected to rejoin the team when Chiefs veterans report to camp on Friday. Hill has been suspended from team activities since April 25, but can come back after the NFL announced last week it would not be disciplining the wideout.

"Obviously, we were comfortable with Tyreek coming back here," Reid said. "We look forward to bringing him back here and having an opportunity to get back doing what he loves to do."

Hill will try to get back to football after an offseason that saw him and his former fiancée Crystal Espinal accused of child abuse and neglect. The NFL, like Johnson County District Attorney Steve Howe concluded by not issuing any legal charges, could not determine Hill violated the league's personal conduct policy based on the available evidence.

Reid said he did not try to influence the league's decision either way. While he claimed he didn't talk to Hill much during the investigation, the head coach did say he's spoken with the wide receiver on the phone and in person since the league made its decision.

"He’s remorseful that he put all of us through what we went through and that he had to go through," Reid said. "That’s a sensitive situation. He wants to get back and he wants to do what he needs to do to be a father and to be a player here. He’s very conscious of that.”

Patrick Mahomes went about the situation a different way. He said he and others on the team stayed close to Hill throughout.

"We stayed in touch with him as much as possible and let that stuff handle itself," Mahomes said. "It was good to welcome him back now and have him a part of the team and we can build the team that we want to build."

The head coach and the reigning MVP don't expect Hill to have too much trouble getting back in the rhythm of working with the team.

"He’ll have a little catching up to do," Reid said. "We put in a few new things. He and Patrick (Mahomes) have worked together and the receiving core is very close and they’ve all been together. I’m sure they’re catching him up on stuff, but until you get out there and do it you haven’t done it.

"So, there will be a few new things for him. He’s one of those guys that’s always in great shape. He’s got that speed and endurance which is very unique.”

"I got to throw with him," Mahomes said. "He's in an excited mindset, I guess you would say. He's ready to be out here and be a part of the guys and get to enjoy this."