Alli's Caramel Apples


Apples (how many, is your choice) and
Chocolate Chip, or Flavored Baking Morsels


Wash the apples and remove the stems. Wrap each apple in two sheets of caramel wrap, one wrap over the bottom and the other over the top of the apple, overlapping in the middle. Heat the apples to set the caramel according to package instructions. Insert a stick into the core of each apple. We used cleaned and sharpened green twigs to add a touch of rustic style. Or use the sticks that come with the wraps, if you prefer.

Melt chocolate chips or flavored baking morsels in the microwave in 15-second intervals on HIGH (being careful not to scorch). Milk chocolate, white chocolate, semi sweet and butterscotch are some of our favorites. Dip each apple about halfway.

While the chocolate (or other flavor) is still soft, roll the apples in a variety of toppings, or sprinkle the toppings on. You’ll want to have these ready beforehand. We used pecans, chocolate chips, crushed Heath bars, walnuts and marshmallows in ours, but the sky’s the limit. Involve the kids and let them get creative!

Place the apples on a pan and refrigerate to set the chocolate and toppings. Once the chocolate has set, drizzle more chocolate over the toppings, if preferred. Yum!!