Third graders finish school year as published authors

Third graders finish school year as published authors

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV)- Newly published authors were celebrated, but these writers are only about 9-years-old. Third graders at Pleasant Valley Elementary School in Fairmont, West Virginia kicked their imaginations into high gear and put a year's worth of creativity and skills into an autobiography.

"I thought, 'This is something I'm gonna remember for a while,'" said third grader Brody Blesdoe, clutching his book.

For Brody, taking pen to paper got his imagination scribbling off the hard cover and thinking much more big picture.

"Who knows, people might be able to see this and say, 'That's his dream job. I hope he achieves that someday,'" Brody said.

Brody said his dream job is actually to become a marine.

They say to write what you know and these kids did just that.

"I wrote about growing up, when we were a baby, and just the things that make us us," said Absidee Carpenter.

But these kids gained more than story-telling skills; they developed self-confidence.

"It wasn't going to work out is what we thought," Carpenter continued. "Six paragraphs and the most we've ever wrote would be six now, but it was three before. But it turned out to be great spending time with your friends and drawing pictures together just to have memories."

Building memories and whether they realized it or not, they were expanding vocabulary, creative writing and self expression.

"When you read their writing you see their emotion involved," said Leanne Burton, a third grade teacher. "You see how much they love their families and you see what their aspirations are for the future."

For new up-and-coming writers like Brody, those aspirations for the future might involve a marine who didn't stop getting published in elementary school.

"I might try to write a story or two in my future," he said.

Burton believes the confidence boost in writing correlates with higher test scores. She's hoping to make each new third grade class a generation of published authors.

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