High wind and heavy rain cause damage across Shawnee Co.

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - The wild winds of the past two days are leaving their mark and recent rains with melting snow are causing issues, too.

All the moisture has made a muddy mess of rural, unpaved roads, making some of them un-driveable.

In northern Shawnee County it was the winds that delivered serious damage to one family's dream.

Wednesday's winds blew over the months of progress a family had been making to build their new home.

The site of their future home was left in tatters, torn down by mother nature.

"That was more devastating than anything else was just seeing it on a pile in the ground," said homeowner Angee Henderson.

What's left are stacks of lumber and what framework they could salvage.

"Yesterday was just gut-wrenching because we really poured our hearts into this house because we're just been doing it all by ourselves," Henderson said.

"The only thing we've actually hired out is just the concrete work so it's been all of our blood sweat and tears that have gone into it."

Besides whipping winds, heavy rain combined with snowmelt damaged rural roads in some area townships.

"It's become saturated with moisture, and then it has no load-carrying capacity, and that's what happened here," said Curt Niehaus, the director of Shawnee County Public Works.

Shawnee County has closed several roads where deep ruts and unstable rock have made them un-passable.

Both problems are awaiting a similar solution.

'We need mother nature to cooperate with us. we need sunshine," Niehaus said.

Townships can't start repairs until the sun dries out the roads, and Henderson and her family can't get back to work until the wind lets up and the rain stops.

"We're praying that we can get some people out here to help start putting things back together," Henderson said.

Henderson says they're looking for people to help rebuild their new home.

You can reach out to them through email at KsSportzdude@gmail.com