#bethegood | Message of hope and kindness spread turn up around Abilene

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ABILENE, Kan. (KWCH) -- An anonymous person in Abilene is going out of their way to prove there's still plenty of love in their community.

"Be the Good" is a Facebook group that was started to highlight the good things happening around town.

On Wednesday, Brandi Greening posted a picture onto the page of one of those moments. Greening says she was getting her kids ready for school. And, when she went to put their dog outside, she found an envelope with $100 inside it and a note:

"With all the negativity in the news these days, we wanted to remind our community that love still grows here. If you feel like you don't need this gift, please feel free to give it to someone who does. 'Gifts are never to be paid back, only paid forward.' #bethegood"

With so much love,
a friend in Abilene

Greening said she shared the good deed on Facebook only to find out that similar things have happened to other people across the city.

No one knows who''s behind the notes.