Your letters: The luckiest 4-leaf clover ever, by David King

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(SUBMITTED) -- Early on that sunny day, as us kids played outside, I remember my mother finding a 4-leafed clover and telling us it would bring her good luck.

There was 7 of 9 of our family members at home as the skies turned green later that day. Our Father and oldest brother were at work and mom took charge. The family of 4 that lived next door didn't have a basement and they and the family of 3 in their apartment upstairs came to the house. Kids from down the block whose mother went out of town and told them if the weather got bad, go to our house.

17 people in our basement!

As a 9 year old, this was like a summer basement party. The kids ate unlimited popsicles as the adults played cards. Then, the night exploded.

After watching The Tornado come across Washburn University, then lift the dome off of Stoffer Hall she made us all cover up. When The Tornado hit the house it lifted it off the foundation moving it north east and caving in the south west corner of the basement on top of my mother and several others.

As calm came, everyone was dug out from the rubble, but the shifting of the house took out the basement stairs. We crawled out from the foundation onto the porch to escape. Someone commented "so much for good luck from the 4-leafed clover."

My mother responded, "17 people crawled from my basement alive, I couldn't feel any luckier.”

David King