Your letters: Racing for home when the sirens blared, by Martha Spencer

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(SUBMITTED) -- I was 4 days short of turning 10 yrs old on June 8,1966.

I lived with my family in the 1800 block of Campbell Ave. when the sirens blew my brothers and sister were playing down the block, we ran for our house and got our pets in the basement. We had a cat,but he stayed outside during the storm. He was later found to be okay.

We sat down in the basement listening to the rumbling and when the tornado went near our house, it sounded just like a train. I remember waiting for the all clear and my brothers and sister went outside to see all the damage. All we had in our yard was a half of a broken record. We went east toward Washburn University.

The damage started on Collins Ave. and got worse the closer we got toward the campus. I remember walking to the corner of 21st and Randolph, where Joe White's grocery store and Miller Drugs were located. They were gone.

I also remember that my father, Dr. Herbert Klemme, who was a doctor had to go out in the midst of the storm and help out at the VA Hospital.

I will always remember Bill Kurtis famous words, For God sake, Topeka take cover.

Martha Spencer