Your letters: Out on delivery at the time, by Bob Blaylock

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(SUBMITTED) -- I am presently a pharmacist at Dillon's My father (Fletcher Blaylock) and I owned a number of pharmacies in Topeka the last of which we closed in 1997.

One was located at 2252 S.W. 10th. On June 8th 1966, I was 18 and running the last deliveries of the day. Everywhere I stopped, the customers were inviting me in because of a threat of tornado but we had had MANY false alarms that spring and I said thanks a lot but I need to get these deliveries completed.

I realized there may be something to this one when I was going north on Oakley toward 10th street when the limbs were going faster than the car.

I returned to the store and was told the Oakland store at 1909 N.E. Seward had all the front windows blown out. Dad sent me over to the store to help my uncle (Art Golden) keep out looters. We sold batteries all night. The power was out but in those days you could use a crank to operate the register.

The next morning, I went around the neighborhood and took pictures. There was a three story house laid over on it's side directly over it foundation with a large tree sitting on top of the house. In another location there were two perfectly good houses but the house in between was completely flattened like a large mower ran over it.

Bob Blaylock