Your Letters: Was grandma ok? by Denise Grice

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(SUBMITTED) - Our grandmother was alone in her house at 1222 S Quincy and the house survived but with damage. Just to the north of her everything was in ruins. The National Guard was there immediately to help, as were thousands of others from all over, but to get through the Guard lines you had to have a pass. Our mom and aunt went to the police station to get a pass so we could get through the Guard lines and down to Grandma's house the next day. There were no phones working in many parts of town and she could not call to tell us she was alive. I will never forget the great feeling of finding her okay. I was almost 11. Nobody who was here will ever forget where they were or the years that followed. Through the years my job duties have had me on the phone and countless soldiers and airmen have asked about Topeka and the tornado when they learned where I was. They came in from Forbes, of course, and Fort Riley.....many have asked about the National Reserve Life building, now apartments at 10th and Kansas Ave, but after the tornado just iron as if it was just being built.....the tornado whipped it clean. The side of the building still had NRL's motto: A REFUGE IN TIME OF STORM. Wow.