Working at the Kansas Highway Patrol is now a family tradition

Published: Apr. 22, 2019 at 11:06 PM CDT
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Many parents are proud to have their children follow in the family business. In one family, that business is to protect and serve.

Troopers McClain Morris and Ali Morris, are following in their father’s footsteps.

“Very honored. Proud of them. Had a lot of pride in their decision to go down this road. Make that decision to take this career path, because it’s not an easy one to take and there’s a lot of things out there. A lot of challenges just to get through the hiring process alone. Let alone the training program,” said Capt. Scott Morris.

Scott says he didn’t push his kids to join him on the job, though he did show them how cool it was.

“Hearing his stories, and just seeing what he does day in and day out. Helping the community. Making it a safer place for everybody. That was kind of what drove me to pursue that as well,” said McClain.

McClain always knew he wanted to be a trooper. Ali wasn’t so sure.

“Growing up I always told them I was going to be a doctor,” Ali explained.

But the signs were always there. McClain and Ali would play around dad’s patrol car, and sometimes that got them in a little trouble.

“She was on my radio in my car in the evening after I went home from shift and was talking on the radio,” Scott started in on his story. “I think she used proper terminology. Used some 10-codes.”

And for McClain, the hat always fit no matter how small he was.

“It was one of those times that we were out in the yard and I was probably cleaning my patrol car out, and he was out there helping. Got up in there and threw my hat on,” Scott added.

“That’s probably where it all started though,” McClain chimed in.

The inherent dangers of the job were instilled in them early as well.

“There’s always that fear of if something happens, you won’t be able to be there to help. But I know the Troopers that she’s working with, or my dad’s working with, everybody we working with is squared away and more than capable of taking care of each other,” explained McClain.

“There’s troopers all around that I know. I trust every single one of them that they’ll be there if something happens, and take care of business.” Said Ali.

“They go to all lengths to try to prepare every trooper to handle the duties necessary. So, I think I can, I believe I can, but again you’re still a parent,” Scott said.

Despite the risks, none of them would want to do anything else.

“It’s a very rewarding career,” McClain said with pride.

The three are spread out. Scott is stationed in Topeka. McClain is in Atchinson and Ali is in Yates Center.

There is one more Morris sibling. Drew is a high school senior who also plans to join the patrol.